Construction 101 – Tree Protection

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Saving  trees

When our campus was built in the early 1980s the firs, cedars and maples that fill our campus now were young and small, today these trees can provide a wonderful backdrop and scale to our buildings. While not all trees can be saved to make room for new projects, we work hard to save as many as possible. When we can’t, we work to replant after the building I constructed. Trees are especially important for the Science and Sports Complex rising 56 feet above the ground to help the project fit into the landscape… literally.


Photo 2: Limits of disturbance for trees 532, 533, & 534 represented by red line – tree 535 to be removed (red circle with X)

The process for requesting the removal and protection of trees begins with an Arborist’s report. Eastside Prep Arborist Addendum (pdf)

An arborist has been on the team since September. The arborists catalog the trees surrounding the building and assess the health and the likelihood of each trees survival during and after