Construction 101 – Demolition

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Demolition has begun. The Upper School/Design Lab is about to be a memory as the new Science and Sport Complex is born. Progress this week has been going according to plan and watching the track hoe operator has been mesmerizing. Demolishing a structure in an environmentally sensitive manner takes some work. There are two methods commonly used for construction recycling: “source separation” and “mixed debris”. The new Science and Sports Complex is using both methods in our project.  Source separation method separates construction materials on site prior to removal.  If you watch the demo operator carefully you will see that metals, brick, concrete and other materials are separated and hauled off to processing plants for repurposing. The remainder (the mixed debris) is removed and separated in sorting facilities that process the materials off campus.

In efforts to minimize the impact to our landfills, more and more materials are being repurposed and reused.

We began dismantling the US/DL last week, a building constructed of numerous materials material. EPS is dedicated to environmentally friendly solutions to this process. Here are some fun facts regarding of efforts to minimize the impact of landfills and waste:

  • Repurposed surplus furniture and fixtures
  • Demolished structure will be taken to construction recyclers. Recycled elements include: Woods, Steel, Drywall, Aluminum, Copper, brick and concrete
  • Construction debris will be recycled as we go