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In Building@EPS, TALI Hall by bbaldwin


Thanks to our generous EPS community, we have almost met our fundraising goal for the TALI Building. In less than two months, we’ve raised well over $2 million, with about $750,000 remaining to be pledged—thanks to all of you who have already pledged and donated. (And remember – we need pledges now, money is not due until May of 2019.) If you haven’t had the opportunity, we have one final offer that we hope will be appealing to all of our community members. TAKE A SEAT! A donation of $2500 names a seat in the balcony, while a donation of $4000 names a seat on the main floor of the theatre. If you’ve already donated at those levels, a seat has already been reserved in your name. And if you haven’t had a chance yet, I hope this effort will encourage you to help us finish off this campaign. Here is a link to the pledge form for a seat purchase (CLICK HERE). Please complete the pledge form to be sure you get your seat reserved. If you’ve already donated, thank you!! We have your seat reserved; please click on the link to tell us what you want to have inscribed on your seat.