What’s an RFI?

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Mike Martin our Project Engineer has been hard at work. So far he has issued of 80 RFIs working to clarify the plans and keep change and confusion to a minimum. Hear what Mike has to say about the process below:

Mike Martin

RFI is an abbreviation for “Request For Information”. The “information” is typically requested from the Architect or Owner by the General Contractor. RFI’s are submitted in a standardized form with each RFI numbered in sequence for tracking purposes. RFI’s are typically used to confirm the interpretation of a detail on the construction drawings. They can also be used to document directive or clarification from the Architect or Owner.

Once a RFI has been answered by the Architect it is distributed by the General Contractor to all the subcontractors affected by the answer. If the answer affects a subcontractor’s scope of work the subcontractor is obligated to submit a cost proposal for the scope change before proceeding with the work.

In summary a RFI is a formalized process of tracking questions/answers between the General Contractor and Owner/Architect. It also allow the flow of information to subcontractors to be tracked so that everyone is operating off of the “same sheet of music”.

Thanks Mike for doing a such a great job!