Construction 101– The Soils

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SOILS: The soils report is attached here. The soils report identifies the anticipated conditions as we excavate. Apart from the top layers of material which are mostly organic that must be removed we have nice free draining sandy soils. These soils are suitable for backfill and allow for water infiltration systems to be added to our property. Currently the storm water for the campus is taken into storm drainage systems that add stress to our lakes and waterways. The excavation is significant; some 8000 cubic yards of material will be removed. In an effort to minimize costs and impact to the road systems, fuel consumption and other issues we will be storing all backfill material on site (read closing the Sports Court for 8 weeks).  The diagram below is a depiction of the excavation site and here are some fun facts:

  • Total disturbed area: 14,072 sq. ft.
  • Total Cut: 5700 cu. yds.
  • Backfill Stored: 2364 cu. yds.